Stop complaining clients poisoning your salon2013.01.06. // Massage

A telling experiment revealed how a whinging client can quickly infect others if you don’t deal with the situation swiftly and carefully.

Given the public nature of social media and online salon reviews this research is not good news for hair or beauty businesses.

Research shows customer complaints are infectious

Leading brand consultant Martin Lindstrom tells how four actors were hired to share a meal at a table in the middle of a restaurant. They all ordered the soup and after taking his first mouthful, one of the actors called for the waiter and ranted about the scalding temperature of the soup.

Lo and behold, as the soup continued to be served to the other tables, the complaints began rolling in. By the end of the dinner, 26% of the guests had made similar complaints. Each bowl had come from the same pot, so either they had extremely sensitive tongues or they had all been influenced by the initial complaint.

Airing complaints in public

Just substitute ‘restaurant’ for ‘salon’ in this experiment and you can see the looming dangers.

There are two situations where customer complaints have real potential to affect others:

  • Online, especially on your salon social media, and
  • Mrs. Angry sounding off at your salon reception

Customer complaints on your salon social media

Dealing swiftly with online complaints is crucial. Here are my practical tips for dealing with grumpy salon clients on Facebook and Twitter here.

How to deal with complaints in salon and prevent them infecting others

  • Ensure your team understand that complaining clients can influence others. It’s easy to forget this when faced with a confrontational client at reception. But in this situation you’re effectively on stage giving a virtuoso performance to all your clients.
  • If space allows it makes sense to firmly yet politely take the dissatisfied client out of the salon to your office or an empty treatment room. Unfortunately this option is always available.
  • Listen carefully: don’t interrupt and let the client finish.
  • Start with a sincere, yet simple, “I’m sorry you feel like this” to help diffuse the situation. This doesn’t mean accepting blame – just empathising that the client feels that way. There’s a big difference.
  • Adopt a considerate and concerned tone. Ask plenty of open questions – what, where, how, when – so you get to the root of their concern and try not jump to conclusions.
  • Avoid sounding defensive and be aware of your body language. Remember, most of the time the client is not attacking you personally.
  • Empathise: show you understand and are on their side.
  • Focus on what you can do to help rather than what you can’t do. Suggest a couple of options to solve the problem.
  • Then deal with it there and then.

As the salon owner it’s important to understand why the complaint arose in the first place so a similar situation can be avoided in the future.

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Make your salon offers more enticing for no extra cost2012.08.07. // Massage

Do you show your salon’s offers and sale prices in red?

It’s a fairly typical colour for discounts yet many salon owners (understandably) shy away from using it. It’s often seen as a rather cheap and tacky route. A retail ploy more suited to supermarkets than hair and beauty salons.

Well, you’re missing a marketing trick. In a series of experiments scientists discovered that if you want to make your salon prices seem lower, without actually changing them, use the colour red.

There is one small catch – it only works for your male clients. And no, I’m not joking nor making sexist remarks. It’s absolutely true. Promise.

How to make salon offers appeal to men

I’m a big fan of neuromarketer Roger Dooley and his article outlining this study naturally caught my eye.

Roger quotes new scientific research in the UK and America which explored the link between pricing and colour. The study, “Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions”, reveals some startling findings which are very useful to salon owners.

Red offers and prices seduce

For men, the perceived savings when prices were printed in red were roughly twice as high as when the same price was printed in black. However, women were mostly unaffected by the colour of the price, as this graph from the study shows:


Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions

Copyright © 2013 New York University

The research showed that the effect was strongest when men were making impulse buys. So think retail offers by your reception desk and re-booking price incentives. In red.

Promote your salon offers in different ways

When marketing your salon offers:

  • Consider using red on any male-orientated offers or products. Even if the price remains the same by printing it in red you’re sending out a powerful signal to your male clients. Use a decent graphic or web designer to ensure you don’t look cheap and nasty.
  • Don’t restrict the ‘red-effect’ to printed materials only. Use red on website promotions and advertisements aimed at guys, your social media graphics and in salon (adverts in the men’s washroom perhaps?).
  • The good news for salon owners is that using red for prices won’t hurt the offer or promotion’s appeal to women, ensuring you can tempt your male clients without decreasing sales to your female ones.

This is yet another example of how men and women’s behaviour differs when it comes to retailing and services. As a hair or beauty business owner it’s well-worth understanding these divergent attitudes and exploiting them in your salon – try this blog post for some ideas on male and female loyalty and retention for your business

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Great websites for beauty and hair salons: your DIY checklist2012.06.24. // Massage

To listen to the endless chatter about social media and apps you’d be forgiven for thinking that salon websites are extinct. Online dinosaurs.

In fact, far from being a fossil it’s the best salon marketing tool you have for attracting new clients. So, are you giving it the care, attention and investment it richly deserves?


Is your website past its sell-by date?

Have a quick look at your website now. What do you see? Looking a little tired, stale and perhaps even out-dated?

Give it some TLC with these 8 essential website tips for spas and salons.


Your checklist for a great salon website

1. Great website is easy to use and navigate

  • Use headings to highlight important topics. Numbering and bullet points break up blocks of heavy text and make it easier to scan – see how I’ve used all these in this blog post.
  • And don’t opt for a tiny or wacky font. It might look cool but a great website is one that is easily read and tempts new clients to pick up the phone to your spa or salon.
  • Take a long hard look at your website photographs and imagery. Are they out of date? Or a touch amateurish? A photo-shoot around your spa or salon with a good local photographer can elevate your website from okay to great. Have some atmospheric shoots empty salon shots, then some with your team working to ring the changes.
  • Make it straightforward for visitors to navigate around. Tempt and tease them to explore your website to discover what your salon has to offer with plenty of cross navigation and links.

 2. Priceless information

From studying our clients’ website statistics I know the Price Guide page is the third most visited web page for most hair and beauty businesses. Yet you’d be surprised how many salons and spas don’t have one on their website. If you don’t have one currently then make it your marketing priority.

 3. The best salon website is mobile responsive

With more and more people viewing websites on their smartphones and tablets it’s essential your hair or beauty website can be easily read on a mobile device. Try looking at your salon website now on your phone and see if it looks great and simple to read.

Having trouble reading it? You can find more about mobile friendly (responsive) websites here and why they are a must-have for your hair or beauty business.

4. It’s not hide and seek

Make it easy for new clients to find you. Include your postcode for Sat Nav users, especially if you’re off the beaten track. In London? Give the nearest Tube station. It’s surprising how often these get overlooked on salon websites.

Direct clients to the nearest car park with clear directions plus details of parking fees and time restrictions.

 5. The great basics

  • Don’t hide your salon or spa opening hours away. It makes far better marketing sense to shout about your late-night opening and weekend hours.
  • And don’t overlook the nuts and bolts. Ensure your phone number is high up the page, on every page and easy to find.

6. Hook’em with a tempting offer

Readers love salon offers. The offers section is always one of the most visited for any spa or salon website. Don’t want to discount? Offers don’t have to be discounts – think additional service, cross-selling, up-grade. But please don’t overlook this valuable salon marketing tool.

Having written your offer you then need a nice juicy call to action. What do I mean by a call to action (CTA)? Simply, tell the reader what you want them to do next.

So many salon websites talk about their creative talents, outstanding team and stunning salon. And then forget to tell the reader to take some action. So include plenty of “call now”, “phone to book”, and “enter now” throughout your salon website – not just on the home page. Choose punchy action words like “discover, learn, find.” They keep your CTA concise and are more appealing to readers.

7. Whoops – that’s not a great website experience

A content managed salon website is an invaluable marketing tool allowing you to add new offers, news and articles yourself.

But spelling and grammatical mistakes reflect badly on your spa or salon business. And Google penalises them too. So, if you’re not confident about your writing abilities (or just don’t have time) invest in professional copywriting services for some compelling copy. It’s worth every penny.

8. Best practice for beauty and hair salons

Are you missing out on collecting priceless marketing information on your website?

Include an e-subscribe form on every page – it’s an effortless way to build your email database. And a big up-to-date email database is worth its weight in marketing gold.


Good, better, best salon websites

Your salon website is never finished. Technology, Google and your business change constantly. The best beauty and hair salon websites reflect this ever shifting picture. Tweak, enhance and develop your website regularly if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Get in touch on 01386 751469 or email if you’re thinking of refreshing your spa or salon website or are looking to write and build a new one. We are hair and beauty marketing specialists and will give you the best salon website and straightforward advice, all at a reasonable cost, with no fluff, hard sell or drama.

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Finalists for The English Hair & Beauty Awards!!2012.06.18. // Blog

WOW …… We did it again!!!……

We made the finalists list once again for the English Hair & Beauty Awards for HAIR SALON of the Year – South East and Jodi Gale made COLOUR TECHNICIAN of the Year finalist and what an achievement for us in the salon.

We were honoured last year to have made it in to the finals with 10 other salons but this year we have made it in to the final of the last 5 salons for the South East Region.

I can only take this time now to say a MASSIVE thank you to all our wonderful, loyal and BEST clients ever!!! These awards are amazing because they are voted for by YOU our clients.

We now have submitted the last of our entries and testimonial’s and so its all fingers and toes crossed for the finals which are being held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on the 3rd March. We know how tough these awards are and even if we don’t win we know we have done so well to even get this far. To be up against some of the elite in the Hair industry is the biggest achievement for us.

The Perfectly Posh team will be heading up and tweeting through out the night!!….. so if you don’t follow us and want to know what’s going on….. follow us on facebook and twitter

So guys wish us luck and once again THANK YOU!.

PPosh team xxx

Perfectly Posh reach the finals


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Craig Chapman wins award at The Hair Awards 2012!2012.04.26. // Treatments

BlackHair were proud to announce the winner of the Hair Awards Afro Salon Category at the fabulous awards ceremony on Monday 27th February. Beating four other nominees in the same category, Craig Chapman of Craig Chapman Hair Design came up trumps with his unique styles, fantastic photographs and charismatic personality.

The night began with a 7pm canapé and Prosecco reception for the 300 star hairdresser and celebrity guests. Whilst people mingled during the delicious canapé reception, winners of the Super 60 product categories were revealed on large screens throughout the venue.

At 8pm sharp, Linda Fox, Publisher of Hair, Black Hair and host of The Hair Awards took to the stage to introduce the event, thanking the sponsors, judges and all those who made the night possible:

“I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has taken the time and effort to enter the awards. The standards have been very high and we have been overwhelmed by the inspiring creativity of the work that has been submitted. A huge thank you to our sponsors: Sleek, Orofluido, Avlon, KMS, Lee Stafford, Kerastraight and Halo. Without your support this evening would never have happened.” Said Linda Fox.

Immediately after the winners were announced, Celebrity DJ for the night, Lauren Pope from TOWIE took to the decks to spin catchy tracks which got people straight on to the dance floor!

The Hair Awards 2012 was a great night for the hair industry, recognising and celebrating talent, innovation and creativity. Congratulations to Craig as well as all the winners on the night!

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Hi from Perfectly Posh Hairdesign2012.04.22. // Blog

Hello to you all out there its Krysia here from Perfectly Posh Hairdesign……

I want to welcome you to my first blog and many more to come hopefully!!

We at Perfectly Posh hairdesign are proud of what we have achieved so far in the 4 years we have been open…. We’re a small but friendly team who thrive to make you feel your very best when you leave our hair salon.

We aim high and we are on our way to make sure we are the BEST hair design salon in Hungerford, with the best staff to see to your requirements, with the best customer service. As far as we are concerned the only thing that we care about when your sat in our chair is YOU.

The only way we can do this to make sure our customer care as well as our services are the best and most memorable around. I believe it’s the little things that matter to our clients and we get great feed back from it.

One thing I have noticed over the years in the hair and beauty industry is the lack of customer service but here at Perfectly Posh Hairdesign we are doing are up most to make sure we succeed in this aspect.

I’m fed up of hearing my new clients say they have visited a salon and we’re made to feel uncomfortable, that the staff we’re rude, the staff thought they we’re better than anyone visiting the salon and didn’t really care about them! What is going wrong with these hairdressers!!

So do you find your working your way through hair salons in Hungerford to find the right one for YOU?

Well look no further as we are one of the best hair salons in Hungerford. Our promise to you is to listen carefully to your requirements, to make every effort possible to understand exactly what YOU need from us and to endeavour to provide you with a service that will leave YOU not only looking great but feeling great and, more importantly, valued.

You deserve excellent service in a fantastic salon environment. You should be treated as an individual and not just a number. The warmth of our welcome and the superior standards of our personalised hairdressing allow you to relax in our hands.

We will meet all your hairdressing needs and offer you a unique guarantee with any service to show you exactly how confident we are that you will just love your visit to our 4 Star Hungerford hair design salon.

Why not take a good look through our full website here to read about our top hairdressing services available to you.

You can also check out our guarantee that you wont find in any other hair salon in Hungerford. Plus don’t just take out word for it…read what our happy clients are already saying about us on our Facebook page.

Our site is PACKED with great deals and information for you so please take a look around and if you think we are the hair design salon in Hungerford for you just send us a message from our site to get booked in to see us.

Take care

Krysia :-)

P.S I look forward to keeping you up to date on trends in our industry, offers and discussions I feel strongly about!

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How to instantly improve your salon’s client retention2012.01.30. // Massage

Ever wondered who are your most loyal clients? Men or women?

It’s an interesting question. I guess most of us would say women tend to be more dependable and easier to retain.

In fact, a recent study revealed that men and women are loyal to their hairdresser/beautician in different ways. If you understand these subtle differences you can improve your salon client loyalty rates quickly and cheaply.


Retaining hair and beauty clients

In a nutshell: on average, women are loyal to their stylist or therapist whilst men are loyal to the salon itself.

The research showed women attach greater importance to individual relationships whilst men relate better to groups and organisations – hence the pull of the golf club.

A female client is more likely to want a ‘trusted advisor’ relationship with her stylist or therapist and if that person moves salon she is more likely to move with her. Women are looking for a personal, one-to-one relationship whilst men are more comfortable staying detached from any one individual.

In contrast, men are content with a more anonymous relationship with the salon itself. They still expect great service and good hairdressing skills but are happier to move between stylists in the salon. Overall this tends to make men the more loyal salon customers.


Practical salon ideas to perk up retention rates

The study concludes these differences are down to fundamental psychological differences between the sexes. Here’s how to make these differences work for you when marketing your hair or beauty business:

Move men, not women, if possible

If you have to move clients around due to a stylist’s sickness or holiday then move the men rather than the women, if possible. Guys are less likely to feel uncomfortable with a different stylist and thus more likely to return and not feel ‘put out’.

Boost salon referral rates as well as retention

Recommend a Friend cards will get best results when handed out to women clients by their personal stylist or therapist.

Men, on the other hand, will generally respond better to a request to refer the salon itself (as opposed to an individual) from your receptionist.

Birthday cards say you care

The study into the differences between the sexes verified, as I think we’d all guess, that personal birthday cards are likely to score more highly with women and help retention.

I always recommend a salon uses a card and an oldfashioned stamp rather than an email.

Why? Because it shows you care. It shows you’ve taken some trouble. And as the research confirms, women react well to this. A card through the post (rather than a text or an email) also looks less blatantly commercial and as the study highlighted we women are much better at detecting insincerity than men.

A back-up plan to keep your clients

This practical idea works well in hair salons but could also be adapted for certain treatments at beauty salons.

Reduce the risk of losing a female client if a stylist moves on by encouraging her to form a relationship with two stylists.

The ‘reserve’ stylist can be involved in the consultation by the usual stylist “I really value Jane’s opinion and I’d like her thoughts on…” Thereafter, the ‘reserve’ can build rapport with a quick ‘hair’ chat or wash their hair without the client feeling they are being “passed around”.

If a client does move on then scribbling a personal, friendly and understanding message on your lapsed client mailer will work better for a woman. Tell her you genuinely are sorry the relationship has been lost, you value her and miss seeing her in the salon.

Don’t just send an impersonal £x off salon voucher – but that marketing approach might just work beautifully for a man!


Client retention is key to running a profitable hair or beauty business

If you’ve found this article helpful then you’ll enjoy this post which shows you how to squeeze every last bit of profit from your existing client base.

And you’ll also find plenty of free marketing tools to help grow your hair or beauty business in this section of our website.

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How to make surprisingly more money in your salon2012.01.14. // Massage

Are you frittering away profit? Letting hard-earned money just walk out of your salon? Use my online salon calculator below to see exactly what your hair or beauty salon is missing out on. Just punch in a few simple figures to discover how much extra money you could easily make. Every month. It’s a free tool so you’ve nothing to lose. And don’t worry – only you see the results.

How much more money could your salon make?

This salon calculator tell you how much your hair or beauty business loses over a year when new clients do not return for a second visit.


Play around with your salon figures

Ummm. Feeling better? Or worse? Experiment with the number of new clients you keep to see how you can skyrocket your salon business profitability for no risk. Increase your clients’ average salon spend by as little as a pound and it gets even better. Try it.

How to make more money with very little effort

Okay, so 100% conversion of first-visit clients into second visit clients is a tad unrealistic for any salon business. But having spent so much time, effort and hard-earned dosh to find new salon clients it’s plain business-sense to make every effort to keep the vast majority of them. Having realised what’s walking out of your door each week you’re probably now itching to stem the flow. Try these proven salon business ideas to improve the number of second visit appointments:

  • First find your new clients. This blog post looks at the four salon marketing areas you should be focusing on.
  • If you’re going to let new clients walk out without re-booking then these are the ones you can afford to lose.
  • When it comes to improving your salon experience then this is an easy trap to fall into, as is this customer experience gaffe.
  • Try Richard Branson’s tips on improving client care levels and these wow-winners to woe those first visit clients for a return visit.
  • Think your team could up their game to improve first visit re-booking rates? Have a look at these tips on silently communicating with clients or learn a trick or two from successful salons when it comes to great customer care.
  • And if they walk out after their first visit never to return and moan loudly about the experience online use these internet marketing damage limitation tips.


Money-making tool to share with your team

This salon business calculator also works a treat in 1:1 meetings with your team. Do you have a stylist or therapist whose first visit return rate is poor? Letting them play around with possible figure combinations powerfully brings home how much more money they could earn for the salon. And how much more commission they could take home.

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The Berry is Back2012.01.14. // Hair Cut

The Berry is Back

When the warmer weather rolls around (which in the UK happens in like June), I pack up my bolder lip choices and unload my peachy/nude/pink, ‘I’m not wearing anything on my lips – promise‘ shades. Mainly because I struggle along with the hot weather, wiping the beads of sweat off my face while panting just… Read more »
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Why Oskia Rocks2011.11.17. // Hair Cut

Why Oskia Rocks

It’s been a long time since I shone the spotlight on my skincare shelf, but all you really need to know right now is that it’s mainly stocked-up with Oskia. I’d quite like to sum up my feelings on the matter, with just one phrase - ‘Oskia rocks‘ – however I will attempt to be more… Read more »
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